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Commercial Applications

Commercial Conversion Kits

All Waiwela tankless water heaters, except the PH2-20RDVS and the PH2-20ROF, can be converted for commercial use with the simple addition of a hi-temp computer chip.

Tankless Water Heater Commercial Conversion Kit
PHH-32RDVP 332-0062
PHH-32RDVN 332-0061
PHH-32ROFP 332-0052
PHH-32ROFN 332-0051
PH2-28RDVSP 228-0562
PH2-28RDVSN 228-0561
PH2-28ROFP 228-0362
PH2-28ROFN 228-0361
PH2-25RDVSP 225-0562
PH2-25RDVSN 225-0561
PH2-25ROFP 225-0362
PH2-25ROFN 225-0361

Commercial & Multi-Unit Systems (Connect up to 20 units together)

To determine Multi-Unit System Output:

(GPM) * (# of Units) = Total System Output

Example: 2 Units: (4.7 GPM) * (2) = 9.4 GPM

Multi-Unit Systems

DUOnex 2 Unit Communication Cable
MIC-6 3 – 6 Unit Manifold Control
MIC-Q-1 1-Foot Cable for MIC-6
MIC-Q-6 6-Foot Cable for MIC-6
MIC-Q-18 18-Foot Cable for MIC-6
MIC-180 3 – 6 Unit Manifold Control
MICS-180 7 – 20 Unit Manifold Control
MIC-K16 16-Foot Cable for MIC-180
MIC-K32 32-Foot Cable for MIC-180
MIC-K65 65-Foot Cable for MIC-180