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About Us

Efficient Technology Sales, LLC based in Denver, CO represents WaiWela Quality Water Heaters in the USA and Canada. Company founders have been committed to energy conservation and environmentally sound products since 1977. WaiWela has a broad selection of indoor, outdoor, direct vent ENERGY STAR rated gas tankless and electric tankless water heaters for residential and commercial applications and point-of-use electric water heaters. In addition, we have a complete line of venting, parts and accessories, such as Tankless Installation Valves and the Un-Clog-It kit to make installation and service as simple as possible.

Water heating represents 13-17% of all residential energy consumption nationally, making it the third largest energy use in homes behind heating, cooling and kitchen appliances. With the demand to cut heating utility costs and energy consumption in homes and buildings, now is the time to reap the benefits of tankless water heaters.

We like to use the analogy: Do you leave your car running all night for the morning drive to work? Of course not! Why, then, would you leave your water heater running all night without use?

Rising energy prices require changes in the way we heat our domestic hot water. Because they only use energy when hot water is being used, tankless water heaters will likely save you more money over their expected life of 20+ years than they will cost you initially. Besides energy efficiency, tankless water heaters take up less space, are easy to maintain and are more convenient to operate.

Tankless water heaters will serve your domestic hot water needs years to come with reliable performance if sized and installed correctly. This is where WaiWela can help you. We provide free lifetime technical support and we’re here to make sure you choose the correct tankless water heater for your application and that you are satisfied with your purchase. We stock parts for all heaters that we sell and offer a wide variety of tankless gas and electric water heaters to satisfy almost every possible need for hot water in a residential or commercial application.
WaiWela (pronounced Vi Vela) means hot water in Hawaiian.